The True Purpose of Vedic Mantras / Dharma

According to the degree of aversion to the Supreme Lord, Vedic mantras have taken various shapes to fulfill the desires of sense enjoyers. Thus, the proliferation of Vedic processes indicate only the variety of material illusion and not a variety of ultimate purpose. The ultimate purpose of many paths recommended in the Vedas is one — to revive one’s forgotten relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. (Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati, Uddhava Gita Ch 8 verse 7, Purport).

Love and God

God is controlled by love
How is this for a dynamite quote. One that you never hear the “lifers” in the various organizations mention, nor practice much for that matter.

Krishna becomes obliged to the loving spirit of the devotee and not exactly to the service rendered. No one can serve Krishna completely. He is so complete and self-sufficient that He has no need of any service from the devotee. It is the devotee’s attitude of love and affection for Krishna that makes Him obliged. (Nectar of Devotion, Qualities of Krsna Further Explained. 40. Controlled by Love)
Posted by Carlo Aananda